Stargazing Holidays at The Altnacealgach Inn in the amazing dark skies of North Scotland

Experience truly dark skies that will leave you stunned and amazed.

The Altnacealgach Inn can host you or a group for a star party in superb peaceful surroundings ideal for your stargazing or imaging needs by night or walking and exploring the mountains and wildlife by day.


At 58 deg North, your chances of seeing the Northern lights during times of high activity are very good indeed.


For general information about the Altnacealgach Inn please visit the website (click on picture)


Located 20 miles North of Ullapool, The Alt Inn sits in the light pollution free location all astronomers dream of but very rarely experience, give us a call.


Background image by amateur astromomer from Scottish dark skies. 35 mins of exposure with a DSLR and standard 35mm lens